Garage48. Translation

We are in Garage48! See us on twitter, facebook and on this blog!

It post will be live translation of this event. Check updates =))

August, 9th 22:30

August, 10th 12:30

Own project — robot, you can see it below.

Robot KillAllHuman

Aslo we already have video on facebook

August, 10th 16:33

So, we have:

  1. Work robot with camera;
  2. Android App;
  3. WindowsPhone App;
  4. About 10 ideas to improve own project.

Will work

August, 10th 19:44

We have a Geiger counter. I think own robot will be useful for society=))

August, 10th 20:08

Still more work and more ideas for improve own robot.

As own command have name «Bender Rodriguez’ crew» because …


August, 11th 17:19

We are doning the robot.


 We think, we did good work.


August, 11th 20:19

We are Runner-Up!

It was awesome! We did it and don’t f***ed up! Yeah!


Report about this event will be in russian


We rocked in Kaliningrad!

Best regards,

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